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Product Review - ARTEZA Watercolors

I a little while ago I was given the opportunity to review some ARTEZA products, including a 60 color set of their watercolors. Here is my review.

The Watercolors

I was given the 60 color set of 12 ml. watercolor tubes. This set retails for around $40 on their website, which you honestly can't beat with a stick for such a huge amount of colors.

Here is how they come, in some nice organizing trays within a lovely ARTEZA box (the palette is my own).

To test them, I drew out a piece to watercolor on my usual smooth Bristol paper (which I will later color with their colored pencils). I chose to create Andy, the mascot for Anthro Northwest, a truly lovely Furry/Anthropomorphic convention held in Seattle, Washington.

I then recorded myself watercoloring the piece, which you can watch below:

The Review

First off, I love the huge array of colors that come in this box. There were far too many for me to include all of them on my palette, so I kept the tubes close by so I could grab extra colors. The tubes themselves are nice and substantial, and with watercolors a little dab'll do ya, so I won't be running out any time soon.

The colors are vibrant and initially lay down well. I didn't have any problems layering them or getting some of the more unusual watercolor effects even on the Bristol.

My biggest complaint with these watercolors is that they become crumbly when they dry out. This means that when you re-wet them they get bits and chunks and the paint becomes "mealy". I have yet to find a good work around for this, other than just wetting them and working the paint with your paintbrush until you get a pretty even consistency with the bits. Sometimes an errant crumb can get lodged into your brush and create unwanted concentrations of color in your painting. So this drawback is definitely not ideal for most works.

All in all I would give Arteza watercolors 3 1/2 out of five stars. They are a great, affordable option for beginners or those who are just playing with the medium, but I would not recommend them for professional artists or those who are looking for higher quality product.

Thanks for reading! I will be back soon with more product reviews!

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