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My Tools & Materials - Drawing

Hello everyone! In my blog here I am going to be discussing some of my favorite tools and materials that I use the most. This is the first post on the subject. I am discussing my favorite drawing tools

On to the post...


Like most artists,  my art always starts with a drawing, so today I am going to tell you about my drawing tools.

  • Mechanical Pencil - I love mechanical pencils. I like that you can always have a sharp tip without having to take the time to sharpen. Also, since I rarely do pencil shading anymore, I hardly ever need to use actual graphite pencils. That said, I think I have finally found the best mechanical pencil -ever- (for me anyway). I use the Uni Ball Kuru Toga. What is so awesome about this pencil is that it rotates the lead every time you click it. That way you always have a new lead plane to work with, and avoid the uber-sharp tip or annoying lead wedge. I use their UNI NanoDia leads in .5 size. The name stands for "Nano Diamond" which has actual micro diamond particles in it that provide better strength and smoothness than typical leads. The Kuru Toga with the NanoDia lead is the -best- combo I've come across. Plus this pencil comes in a wide variety of colors (I'd love to have one in every color, seriously, because I <3 them so much).

  • Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick - I looove the Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick by Papermate. This is a small, refillable "click" eraser that is amazing for erasing in small spaces. It erases clean, and you can get pretty precise with it. Definitely a must-have for me now.

  • Kneaded Eraser - If you don't know what a kneaded eraser is, think of it like silly putty. You can stretch, form, mangle, mold and sculpt this thing for all your erasing needs. And it doesn't leave eraser bits! I haven't found that one kneaded eraser is better than another. I just use the Prismacolor one, because Prismacolor <3

  • Magic Rub Eraser - I pretty much use the Magic Rub for erasing large areas only. It's a big eraser and great for the job, but eraser bits get everywhere. However, it erases cleanly and effectively, even better than the kneaded eraser. 

So those are the items I always use for drawing, besides the paper. I will be discussing that in my next Tools and Materials post!

(BTW my patrons always get to see these posts first, so if you would like more behind the scenes stuff like this, consider joining my Patreon!)

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