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This page under construction. If you have a question you want more information on, please message me on Patreon and I will add it!

  • I'm on one of your gift tiers. How does that work?
    Each month I will announce a new item for the gift tiers. At times the item is already made, but most of the time the item is usually in production when I announce it. That means gift items do not generally ship the same month, but will ship once the item comes in. Because of this, sometimes gift items will be bundled together depending on when I receive the items.
  • Will all of the gift items be available in your store later?
    A lot of the items that I offer are intended to for me to sell as general merchandise later in my store. Generally I will not release any of these items to the public until all of my gift tier patrons have received that item. However, some monthly gift items are Patreon exclusive, meaning I order just enough to cover my patrons. Often there are a handful of these items left over once I have fulfilled all the patrons. These remaining items are generally offered to patrons first if they would like to order more, and then the remainder released to the public in my store on a first come, first served basis.
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