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Commission Policies

Please read these thoroughly before considering a commission with me.


Agreeing to a commission is a commitment between the Artist and Client and the terms of the agreement must be clear between both parties. These are my policies and must be agreed to by you, the Client, before any commission will be accepted.  Please read these policies carefully!


What I will do:

  • Animals, either anthropomorphic or natural

  • Fantasy/Fictional People (though I am pretty picky about what I will and will not do here)

  • Pet Portraits (but I am picky about these as well)

  • Fantasy/mythological creatures

  • Tribal design work

  • Spiritual, visionary artwork that requires channeling/intuition

  • Totem Art

  • Tattoo (Flash) Art

  • What I will not do:

  • Sexually explicit subjects or scenes (ie hardcore porn, “yiff”, etc.) Mild erotica is fine (love scenes, tasteful nudes, etc). Discuss what your idea is with me first before ordering to be sure it is something I wish to do.

  • Violence, graphic scenes, and gore. (I have done these in the past but I will not be doing them any more, so please don’t ask)

  • Overly technical subjects, such as machines, buildings, guns, vehicles, hand lettering, complex knot-work, etc. (I’m just not very good at doing these sort of things well and they take me far too long)

  • Portraits of real people (just don’t feel comfortable doing this, sorry)

Payment and Fees:

You have the option of paying the full commission price up front, half up front/half upon completion, or to do a payment plan.  Your commission will not be added to my commission queue until I receive at least 50% of the final quoted price. I accept all major debit/credit cards and PayPal for commission purchases.

Kill Fee:

40% of the full commission price is my “kill fee”, which is non-refundable for any reason once the commission is accepted.  Please be absolutely sure about commissioning me before you do!

Payment Plan:

I am okay with accepting payments on your commission. I do ask for 25% of the quoted price down, and then I will require a monthly payment until you are paid in full (4 or 6 month installments available). Your commission will not be added to the queue until you have paid at least 50% of the final total. If you would like to do a payment plan, please let me know when you send your commission request.


It is incredibly important before commissioning me to understand about my schedule and the time it will take to finish your commission. As of now the wait time for me to -start- on your commission is 12 – 17 months depending on when you get into the queue.

Due to my schedule, I can offer NO time frame on commissions. Period. I endeavor to make it that you won’t have to wait more than a year for your piece, but I can make no guarantees. Once you have paid the initial half or full payment, it secures your place in my commission queue, which means you WILL get your commission, I just cannot guarantee exactly when.  I work on my queue in the order the commissions were received, so please check the queue list to get an idea of how long you might have to wait.  When you send your commission request I will give you an estimated start time for your piece in my response to you. This is only an estimation as factors during the year can move up or push back when I can begin work. Once again the current average wait time is 12 – 17 months. This includes “simple” things like drawings and minis. You can always check the queue, which I will keep updated on my progress.


Depending on the size and complexity of the piece I will offer a certain number of revisions, or corrections. This is so that you can be sure that I am creating what you have in mind, and to be sure that I am not missing anything. Minis and drawings get only one revision, single character full colors get two, large pieces get as many as five…you get the picture. Once I have the drawing to a certain stage I will e-mail you a scan of it and discuss it from there. Revisions are during the drawing phase only!!! Once I begin coloring it becomes much too difficult (and often times impossible) to offer revisions, so you must be sure you are happy during the drawing phase of the piece, and doubly sure on the color scheme you want (if any)!

Cancellations and Refunds:

If for any legitimate reason during the commission process either party wishes to cancel the commission, a refund may be issued to you.

  • Again, 40% of the full commission price is my “kill fee”, which is non-refundable for any reason once the commission is accepted.

  • If I am working on your commission with more than half of it finished and you decide to cancel, you will receive only 25% of the final price back.

  • Should the commission be finished and for some reason you will not accept it, I have still done the work agreed upon and no refund will be issued to you.

  • If I have finished the piece and you still owe the final 50% of the commission price you still must pay it in full. If you fail to pay the final price in full within 30 days and the piece is finished, I will keep the piece and sell it.

  • If you have paid in full and I send you your artwork and it gets returned and I otherwise cannot get a hold of you, I will keep the piece and sell it.

Asshole Clause:

Most commissioners I work with are very patient, understanding, and polite with me, but every now and then someone is belligerent, rude, overly demanding, and in short, an asshole.  If you are disrespectful to me, threatening, belligerent, or otherwise mean and nasty your commission will be cancelled and NO refund will be issued to you.  You will also be blacklisted for any further commissions or business with me.  If you have a problem you need to discuss it with me -in private- and in a civil manner.  There is no need to be an asshole.

Abandoned Art:

When I finish a commission I get right in touch with the customer to let them know I am done, to finalize any details, collect any owed payment, and arrange for shipping. Usually this goes off without a hitch. However, there are some times when, for whatever reason, I cannot get in touch with the client, usually because their information has changed or they just never get back with me. When this happens I endeavor to find this person online in any way that I can, and I will post bulletins on my LJ, DeviantArt, Furry Affinity, and Facebook. When even this fails, and when the customer does not contact me, I then have abandoned artwork on my hands. If I cannot get a hold of you, I will continue to try for about three months from the date of your finished commission. I will do everything in my power to reach you. If I cannot reach you, I will hold on to the artwork for an additional three months. If after six months from the completion date I have not heard from you, and I absolutely cannot get a hold of you myself, you relinquish any right to your artwork and I can do whatever I want with it.



I retain all rights to the artwork, including any and all electronic rights and usage, the right to reproduce, sell, show, display, and use the artwork as I see fit. This means that I have the right to make prints of your commission for public sale (if I feel the image will sell), and I have the right to post any portion of the commission (including work-in-progress shots) online for public viewing. Selling prints of my work is my bread-and-butter, the main way I make my living. Most of my artwork these days is commission work, so I must have the option to be able to make prints of any art that I do for you. However, if you would like to buy these rights from me I am willing to arrange that. This means you would be able to make profit from the image and use it any way you want. I would only be able to claim the artwork as my own work and display it in my portfolio. Purchasing rights to the artwork is an additional fee on top of your commission price.  If you are interested in buying the rights to your commission, please e-mail me to arrange this once you order your commission.

You may not mint or sell your commission as an NFT.

You the commissioner may post/display the image where you wish (as long as my copyright is on it somewhere). You can edit it for use on forums, icons, and other personal (non-business) use. You may not mass produce items, use the image for your business, or sell anything with the artwork on it.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions about this.

If you are interested in using the commissioned artwork (or any of my other artwork) for business as a logo or on promotional material, that will require a usage fee and a signed contract.  Please contact me if you are interested in this -before- work on the commission begins. Click here for more information on licensing my artwork.

Otherwise, if you have any questions about my policies or my commissions, please e-mail me and ask!

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