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Art Usage

How you may or may not use my artwork

Copyright Laws Explained | Donations


I know that many people wish to use my artwork for their own purposes, whether it be to learn from, for use on a project, to print out and hang in their room, locker, or in a binder, etc. Because the selling of prints is how I make my living, such “free” use inevitably hurts me and my business (because instead of purchasing from me you are using the sample images of my artwork online). I cannot stop anyone from doing this. However, please consider that it is only fair to give something back. Please consider donating any amount you feel that is appropriate for how you use my art. This is completely voluntary, and will in turn help me and my business. To donate, click on the link above.


You absolutely may NOT sell or mass produce ANYTHING with my art on it unless you have discussed it with me and obtained a written contract or agreement between the two of us (also known as a Licensing Contract). This goes for book covers, album covers, T-shirts, prints, stickers, posters, mugs, etc, etc. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.


I don’t mind if you would like to copy my art if you are doing so simply to learn. I DO mind if you copy any part of my art and post it as your original artwork. While, yes, you did actually, physically draw the piece, you were not drawing upon your own sense of anatomy, composition, color, etc, you were drawing on MY own experience, MY own art. I ask that if you do use my art to copy from, simply add a Β©Goldenwolf or Christy Grandjean somewhere on the piece so that others know who the real creator of the original artwork is. If you have any questions regarding this area, please see Copyright Laws Explained


You may post my art on another website (such as your personal webpage) as long as you take no more than 10 pieces, you do not remove my Β©, and you give a link back to my site here ( DO NOT link any art directly from my site. This steals bandwidth from me and slows my server down. Please save the art to your computer and upload it to your own server please.


For some reason people want to ask me if this is okay. This is absolutely fine! If you are downloading my art to use as your computer wallpaper, or to be put in your own private collection on your harddrive, it doesn’t hurt me or my business, and I don’t mind at all! No need to ask permission πŸ™‚


You may crop my original art or remove the background, but please do not otherwise alter or change the art. Please try to include a Β© Goldenwolf in the image itself, and definitely give me a link back to My art may NOT be used in a pornographic way. Please make sure that your users abide by these rules.


You may use my art for your own personal icons on bulletin boards,chat rooms, etc, but you must add a Β© Goldenwolf somewhere on the image, even if it is small.

Also, please do not use art that I have obviously created for other people of their characters. You must obtain permission from them if you wish to use their character’s image. E-mail me if you are unsure.


You may use my art for your personal project (craft, report, etc) as long as you give credit to me somewhere in/on the project (if possible). Reselling rules apply to projects (you may NOT sell the items that you create based on my art, unless you would like to give me a share of the profits), so you may not sell or mass produce the piece unless you and I have worked out an agreement. If you should create a craft project using my art, I would appreciate an image of the final piece for my own curiosity πŸ™‚ I love seeing what creative things people can do with my art!


Hey, it’s your skin people. If you really want a piece of my art on your body, that’s YOUR decision. However, I really am a starving artist and every little bit helps, so if you would like a piece of my art on your skin, please see my new Tattoo Page. If you do get a tattoo of my work, I would love to see it! Please send me a picture!

Upcoming Shows – 2017

Upcoming shows I will be attending:

Colorado Country Christmas
Nov 3- 4 | Denver, CO

Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival
Nov 24 – 26 | Albuquerque, NM

La Casa Holiday Bazaar
Dec 1 – 3 | Las Cruces, NM

Shows I will not be attending, but where my artwork will be available:

Commission Queue:

(updated 5/2/18)

β€’ Drawing Commissions

β€’ ACEO Commissions

β€’ Nicholas W– 11 X 14 Two char, simple bg – Drawn

β€’ Draphilius– 11 X 14 WCCP two character, full bg – Not started

β€’ Grym– 9 X 12 WCCP two character, simple bg – Drawn

β€’ Smokepaw– 10 X 20 acrylic painting, – Not started

β€’ Jack K.– 9 X 12 two character, pencil shaded drawing– Not started

β€’ Stephania– 9 X 12 WCCP single character, simple bg – Not Started

β€’ Raechel Boddie– 9 X 12 Single char, simple bg – PLEASE CONTACT ME!

β€’ Valerie Powelson– 9 X 12 Drawing – PLEASE CONTACT ME!

β€’ Greg Ridgeway– 9 X 12 Single char, simple bg – PLEASE CONTACT ME!