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New Pendants on Etsy!

Hello all!  I have just updated my Etsy account with a bunch of new pendants!  These pendants are miniature prints of my artwork that I have hand decorated with gel pens and iridescent paint.  The backs are finished with acrylic paint, sealed, and signed by me.  The fronts are durable, crystal clear tempered glass.  Click on the image to go to my shop, or find the link under >Shop >Jewlery from the drop down menu.

Hello everyone!

I’ve had a very busy Summer and Fall this year with tons of back to back shows (and then the Holiday ordering season and Christmas vacation), so to say I have been busy is an understatement. These shows are art shows, gift shows, conventions, festivals, and various other venues where I can sell my prints and t-shirts. I make all of my products myself, so most of my time has been making prints and frames, and traveling to and from these shows, one after another. Because of having to take on extra shows due to the economy, I basically have not been able to work on -any- art since finishing “Relics” for the Werewolf Calendar. I have decided that since the show season is not likely to let up any time soon (and will probably get even busier) I will not be working on art between the months of July – December. I simply do not have the time. January – June will be my time to work on artwork from now on, so if I owe you a commission, that time period is when I will be working on it. That said, I will be tackling my pile of commissions once more starting today. I will be working on these in chronological order more or less. Those that I owe drawings to from the drawing batches I took last year, your drawings will be worked on in between my full color commissions. You will get them in the next few weeks/months, but I cannot tell anyone an exact date of when they will be done. Just know that I am working steadily and will message you when I have something for you.

My commission queue can be found over here ———————————–>

I thank you all for your patience with me concerning my schedule and my time. I know you will find any wait you have had to endure (or will endure) to be well worth it :)

Upcoming Shows – 2017

Upcoming shows I will be attending:

Colorado Country Christmas
Nov 3- 4 | Denver, CO

Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival
Nov 24 – 26 | Albuquerque, NM

La Casa Holiday Bazaar
Dec 1 – 3 | Las Cruces, NM

Shows I will not be attending, but where my artwork will be available:

Commission Queue:

(updated 5/2/18)

Drawing Commissions

ACEO Commissions

Nicholas W– 11 X 14 Two char, simple bg – Drawn

Draphilius– 11 X 14 WCCP two character, full bg – Not started

Grym– 9 X 12 WCCP two character, simple bg – Drawn

Smokepaw– 10 X 20 acrylic painting, – Not started

Jack K.– 9 X 12 two character, pencil shaded drawing– Not started

Stephania– 9 X 12 WCCP single character, simple bg – Not Started

Raechel Boddie– 9 X 12 Single char, simple bg – PLEASE CONTACT ME!

Valerie Powelson– 9 X 12 Drawing – PLEASE CONTACT ME!

Greg Ridgeway– 9 X 12 Single char, simple bg – PLEASE CONTACT ME!