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Welcome to Goldenwolf Art!

Hello, I am the artist Christy Grandjean, also known on the internet as "Goldenwolf". My artwork is a fairly eclectic mix of animal people, shape-shifters, fantasy creatures, visionary images, and whimsical scenes. I am most known for my werewolves, wolf people, and other anthropomorphics. I hope my art evokes in you wonder, enchantment, joy, wildness, hunger, and longing for what could be. Thank you for being here!

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November 11, 2014  Category: News

While we do have several shows during November and the first week of December, we will still be shipping out all orders ASAP for the holidays!  US orders will be shipping through December 20th via USPS Priority Mail.  International orders can be shipped via USPS First Class and Priority Mail through December 2nd.  After those dates Express rates will apply through December 23rd in the US, and December 10th for International.  Please contact us with any questions about this, and happy shopping!

July 1, 2014  Category: News

Copies of the first volume of my Sketchbook are now available for purchase!  Go and get your copy today!


December 11, 2013  Category: News

The Wuffies are finally stickers!  You can order them here!

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Upcoming Shows – 2014

Upcoming shows I will be attending:

Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival
Oct 22 - 26 | Tacoma, WA

Colorado Country Christmas
Nov 7 - 9 | Denver, CO

Fountain Festival of Arts & Crafts
Nov 14 - 16 | Fountain Hills, AZ

Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival
Nov 28 - 30 | Albuquerque, NM

Shows I will not be attending, but where my artwork will be available:

Nov 7 - 9 | Portland, OR

Nov 14 - 16 | Lombard, IL

Nov 28 - 29 | Baltimore, MD

Midwest Fur Fest
Dec 5 - 7 | Rosemont, IL

Commission Status

Accepting quote requests for all commissions. Please see the commission page for more information.

Commission Queue:

(updated Sep 25, 2014)

------Commissions from 2012------

Tirilia– Full Color Badge and ACEO – Sketching

Silverfoxwolf– 9 X 12 WCCP Single char, simple bg – Sketching

Seri and Beo– 9 X 12 WCCP Two char, simple bg – Drawn

Drawing Commissions Batch 03 (Spring 2012)– 26 9" X 12" Drawings – Half Finished

------Commissions from 2013------

MoRokko– Tribal Tattoo Design – Not Started

Ahkhana– ACEO – Not Started

Silverfoxwolf– 11 X 14 WCCP Single char, simple bg – Not Started

Silverfoxwolf– 3 9 X 12 Drawings – Not Started

Sadie Parker– 9 X 12 Drawing – Not Started

Jens– 9 X 12 WCCP Single char, simple bg – Not Started

John Attard– 9 X 12 Drawing – Not Started

Valerie Powelson– 9 X 12 Drawing – Not Started

------Commissions from 2014------

Greg Ridgeway– 9 X 12 Single char, simple bg – Not Started

Sam– 14 X 18 Acrylic Painting – Not Started