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Welcome to Goldenwolf Art!

Hello, I am the artist Christy Grandjean, also known on the internet as "Goldenwolf". My artwork is a fairly eclectic mix of animal people, shape-shifters, fantasy creatures, visionary images, and whimsical scenes. I am most known for my werewolves, wolf people, and other anthropomorphics. I hope my art evokes in you wonder, enchantment, joy, wildness, hunger, and longing for what could be. Thank you for being here!


October 4, 2015  Category: New Art

Sacred Winds is now available! Click on the image below to go to the ordering page. The original is also available here.



April 8, 2015  Category: New Art

I just added these two pieces to my galleries, and prints are now available! (click on the image to go to the page)

Star Lord



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Upcoming Shows – 2015

Upcoming shows I will be attending:

Dragon Con
Sep 4 - 7 | Atlanta, GA

Whole Expo Durango
Sep 12 - 13 | Durango, CO

Santa Fe Ren Fair
Sep 19 - 20 | Santa Fe, NM

Salt Lake Comic Con
Sep 24 - 26 | Salt Lake City, UT

Age of Chivalry Ren Faire
Oct 9 - 10 | Las Vegas, NV
Shows I will not be attending, but where my artwork will be available:

Sep 24 - 27 | Seattle, WA

Commission Status

Accepting quote requests for all commissions. Please see the commission page for more information.

Commission Queue:

(updated 3/2/15)

------Commissions from 2013------

Seri and Beo– 9 X 12 WCCP Two char, simple bg – Drawn

MoRokko– Tribal Tattoo Design – Not Started

Ahkhana– ACEO – Not Started

Silverfoxwolf– 11 X 14 WCCP Single char, simple bg – Not Started

Silverfoxwolf– 2 9 X 12 Drawings – Not Started

Jens– 9 X 12 WCCP Single char, simple bg – Not Started

John Attard– 9 X 12 Drawing – PLEASE CONTACT ME!

Valerie Powelson– 9 X 12 Drawing – PLEASE CONTACT ME!

------Commissions from 2014------

Greg Ridgeway– 9 X 12 Single char, simple bg – Not Started

Sam– 14 X 18 Acrylic Painting – Not Started

------Commissions from 2015------

Raechel Boddie– 9 X 12 Single char, simple bg – Not Started